Mad about you


MAY – Mad about you (2001)
Online parody flash film documentary on the mad cow disease

1st prize awarded at OFFF in Barcelona 2001
3rd prize awarded at Adbusters Mini-doc award 2003

Written by Daniele 'Fupete' Tabellini and Francesco 'kko' Buso
Graphic and illustration by Francesco 'kko' Buso
Direction and animation by Daniele 'Fupete' Tabellini
Interaction design by Daniele 'Fupete' Tabellini
Sound/Mix by Alessandro 'Mista' Gomiero

Kudos to Ruffle.js ♥, the open source flash player project for our modern times, that permits to play again after so many years this old pearl from our portfolio!

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Daniele Tabellini and Erika Gabbani

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