Selection of logos and marks designed for a wide range of projects, for clients and partners, local ones and internationals, 2002–2013.

Selezione di loghi e marchi progettati per un ampio spettro di progetti, per clienti e partner, locali e internazionali, dal 2002 al 2013.

  • Buru Buru for our friend's startup, now pretty famous ;-)
  • Luoghi della Memoria / Places of Remembrance identity and signage project for Istoreco Livorno (x2)
  • Associazione Cre-A (Erika's first crew)
  • CST Tecnoservice for an Electrolux Zanussi Professial local shop
  • Drive Me for Smart by ROJO® (special mag. cover and exhibition identity)
  • Falegnameria Bertelli (redesign proposal for a friend's family factory)
  • Fantastificio by E-Tree Spa (Dani's first startup back in the day, the oldest one here, 2002)
  • CART06 - CresperimentArt art festival for Associazione Cre-A (x2)
  • Fupete (x2) (studio for ourself)
  • Giovani Sì by (x2)
  • Girl Power by (x2) (second collab. with Manuel Musilli & future La Vectoria crew)
  • GRAB Magazine (x2)
  • Gruppo11 (x3) (Dani's second art collective)
  • Hive Software by Dnsee/Decnet
  • Indian Rose for Indian Jeans by ROJO® (one of the many made at the special international Artstorm events by Dani, signed as Fupete)
  • iou by
  • irobò (an art exhibition signed by Fupete)
  • L'Ostile rivista (first collab. with Manuel Musilli & future La Vectoria crew)
  • Lamù agency in Roma
  • Loghi d'Italia / Italian Logos exhibition, Castel Sant'Angelo, Roma (x2)
  • Marani Bar in San Lorenzo, Roma (proposal)
  • Maria Cristina Serafini Counselor Relazionale
  • Bora.La / Carnia.La by Nativi, (x2) revisited by someone else but still on the edge!
  • Nativi by Enrico Maria Milic (first italian startup about ultra-local news)
  • Nico Yoga Studio (x2) (our Nico)
  • Parablò Ristorante in Roma (x2) (now off)
  • PUN Piccolo Network contro la guerra (!)
  • Siracusa (contest proposal, was the best but not recognized man ;-) )
  • Studio Fupete (for our first studio in Roma, Pigneto suburb near the mithical Cineclub Alphavile)
  • The B Theraphy (identity pitch about a serie of events for Breil)
  • Tribù by (x2) (magazine, agendas, many years of collab.)
  • La Vectoria (Dani's first art & design crew, crazy times ahead)
  • Z77 by Andrea Fioravanti (proposal for a designer and a friend)

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