C'è qualcosa di magico nel vedere un artista disegnare dal vivo... / There is something magical in seeing someone who is drawing... Erika Gabbani


Drawing(a)live festival is about live drawing & avant-garde performing arts. First edition four days in Viareggio, Tuscany ( 26th-29th May 2011).

Doing vanguard and pioneering means to explore an unknown space, potentially in infinite directions. Sometimes some artists from different countries choose simultaneously to look into the same direction, unaware of each other. In our view these "common directions of research" define what is the contemporary art. Doing art curatorship means to be aware of these common visions and works to let them emerge.

As studio Nasonero we've been working on the link between drawing and performing art. We feel that something still needs to be discovered, something that is worth telling, and we are not alone in seeking. Drawing(a)live is our contribution to this research.

Do you remember Fry, the main character in Futurama, playing the Holophon? It is a musical instrument of the 31st Century, best described as a combination of an Oboe and a Holographic Projector. The holophoner creates the music of an orchestra and also a visual story. That's what we are talking about: creating and drawing live visual narrations; the courage of the artist to put his own extemporaneous presence on the stage.

Live drawing as a performative act and linked to performance arts, such as theatre, music and dance. Live drawing on huge architectural dimensions or as theatre live sets and light projections.

Using futuristic tools as the Holophonor («... very few people who know how to play in the Universe, and are certainly not that great.») or simple ideas such as filming drawing hands, using the awesome Tagtool for live drawing projections, or other kind of old/not yet invented tools or, why not, directly the body.

We live in the era of live mixed media: mixed arts, visions and impressions meet each other to create new horizons, to investigate new tools to work with, the work in progress as the show...


Visual artists iink (Vienna, A), Giovi (Vienna, A), Gianluca Costantini (Ravenna, I), Fupete (Livorno, I), Carlo Galli (Viareggio, I), Gianluca Cupisti (Viareggio, I)
Bands Pentolino's Orchestra (Firenze, I), Cabiria (Viareggio, I), Alice Belardini (Viareggio, I).
Recorded audio-reading Lello Voce (Napoli, I).


Danijel Zezelj (Zagreb, HR), Mulheres Barbadas (Sao Paulo, BR), Davide Toffolo (Pordenone, I), Ilan Katin (Berlin, D), Shantell Martin (Greenwich, ENG), Antonio Jorge Goncalves (Lisbon, P), Jorge Alderete (Mexico City, MEX), .mrt (Vienna, A), Shoboshobo (Paris, F), Jon Burgerman (London, ENG), Tohyto (Caracas, YV).




Erika Gabbani


Organization Laboratorio 21
Executive producer Gaia Querci
Art directors Fupete & Carlo Galli
Guest curator David Quiles Guillò
Illustration Fupete
Logo LLdesign

video reportage Studio Sumatra, directed by Maicol Borghetti
mini-catalogue and website Daniele Tabellini
media partners Firenze Fast Forward, design(radar, Next Exit, Acidolatte

Thanks to Robert Rebotti, Paper Resistance, Daniela Ubaldi, ROJO®, OMA International, Angelo Bramanti, Gino Tabellini, Roberto Querci, Giulia Querci, Ellis Rugari, Giovanni Galli, Maria Lotti Giuseppina, Carlo del Sante, Gionata Canova, Dario Frattaruolo, Marco Galli, Vera Caruso, Igor Boris Bertolucci, Andrea Nesti, Chiara Natalini, Elodie Lebigre, Maicol Borghetti, Giulia Fruzzetti, Mariaelena Marchetti, Nora Panattoni, Luca Coltelli, Giorgio Tommasi, Emma Guardi, Giulia Lazzarotti, Cristina Pucci, Irene Robertini, Manuel Perna, Tatiana Villani.

Local sponsors Tekno Spedizioni Srl, MAC design, Ottica Bartolini, Ristorante Zaramare.

Technical sponsors Auralex, Sushi Studio, Bortolomiol, TDE Informatica, Il Bar Sotto il Mare, B&B Au Chat Noir.



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